Preventive Care

Comprehensive health check ups by Venlakh Hospital for your good health and happiness.

Latest reviews show Lifestyle is the main reason behind the disorders. The factors which are affecting our health are stress, insufficient sleep, odd working hours, smoking, consuming alcohol, obesity, eating junk food, irregular eating time and lack of exercise. Preventive health check-ups are the solutions which will warn us to make our lifestyle proper and thereby reduce future health problems. In order to identify high risk disorders like hyper tension, diabetes, thyroid problem and other health problems, one must undergo health check-ups once in a year.

Regular health check-up forms an integral part of preventive care under SWAASTHA program at The Venlakh Hospital.

Basic Health Check up

Executive Health Check up

venlakh hospital diabetes test

Diabetic Health Check up

women health check up venlakh hospital

Well Women Health Check up

Pre-marital Health Check up

Our Recognitions

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